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More Than Capable

In my last article I shared with you four foundational truths about prayer. You could, broadly speaking, place them in the categories of God’s character and attributes. Character being his willingness to answer. Attributes being his ability to hear and to answer. In this article I want to talk about one of his attributes in […]

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Class Rules

As classes start up again this fall, it’s a good time to look at classroom rules and the impact they have on student learning. Every “rule” should be necessary to move us toward our end goal and provide each student with a fun, supportive, healthy learning environment.  Fortunately, for most adult ESL classes rules don’t need

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Learn My Language, Touch My Heart

When people find out that I teach ESL (English as a Second Language), they often ask me the same question: “How can you teach international students if you don’t know all those languages?” Actually, you don’t have to be able to speak the languages of your students to teach them English. They’re in the class

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2 friends walk along a tree lined sidewalk in Dusseldorf

Bridging the Gap – part 4

“What’s with those girls?” Our student ministry building was just across the street from the Dental School of one of the largest universities in the world, and their volleyball team needed a place to practice.  We had a basketball/volleyball court behind our building, so when the coach asked if they could practice on our court, my

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2 friends walk along a tree lined sidewalk in Dusseldorf

Bridging the Gap – part 3

Celebrating Important Milestones by Dr. Lloyd and Wilma Mann I met my wife, Wilma, in Costa Rica as a young, single missionary.  Her university training was in teaching elementary students, but she has prepared herself extensively in teaching English as a second language.  She taught ESL at the local community college for some eight years, until the

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2 friends walk along a tree lined sidewalk in Dusseldorf

Bridging the Gap

Has your church/ministry decided to start an ESL ministry with the hope of opening doors to share the gospel with non-English-speaking people in the community?  If so, the million-dollar question is: how to move from just teaching English to using the ESL ministry to open doors for sharing the gospel? When a church or ministry moves

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