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Our mission is to come alongside Christian faith-based English as a Second Language ministries to support them in attaining their ministry and English language teaching goals. We provide resource sharing, consulting, networking, and equipping in evangelism, discipleship, cross cultural communication, ESL, and ministry development and management. We are working to establish a consortium of ministries, organizations, churches, educational institutions, and individuals with the goal of bringing God glory and advancing His kingdom through excellent ESL ministries.

We take a multifaceted approach to helping ESL ministries identify and overcome the obstacles facing them by providing support in all aspects of ministry including: ministry development and management, cross-cultural communication, evangelism and discipleship, in addition to teaching ESL. By reaching out to experts in different fields and by identifying people who have successfully overcome frequent obstacles, TESOL Ministry strives to facilitate the sharing of ideas and solutions among ESL ministries.

There is often a disconnect between the resources and knowledge available in academia and those that individual ministries are aware of and can access. We are actively seeking partnerships to bridge that gap by creating opportunities for students and educators while making quality resources available to ESL ministries.

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