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Why He Answers

Previously, I wrote about four foundational truths we affirm when we pray, and then I followed up that article with another in which we reflected…

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Elderly hands folded in lap while praying
More Than Capable

In my last article I shared with you four foundational truths about prayer. You could, broadly speaking, place them in the categories of God’s character…

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Elderly hands folded in lap while praying
Assumptions of Prayer

When it comes to the Christian life there are several fundamental and foundational habits. Perhaps you can think of a few, like reading the Bible,…

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Elderly hands folded in lap while praying
Class Rules

As classes start up again this fall, it’s a good time to look at classroom rules and the impact they have on student learning. Every…

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Man walking in front of a colorful mural with the word “courage” painted on it.

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Place setting with napkin on top of plates.
Table Manners

Allowing students to talk about their culture in the classroom is a great opportunity to for them to share a…

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Picture demonstrating the game: Two columns, one column titled Water, the second titled Food. There is one check under the water column labeled "water" and two checks under Food. One check is labeled "Apple" and one is labeled "Hotdog"

Activity Name: Categories Areas of Practice: ListeningSource: Five-Minute Activities: A Resource Book of Short Activities, by Penny Ur and Andrew WrightSetup: Prepare a list…

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