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  • Making a Welcoming Classroom Environment for Your Students
    As Christians using English ministry to love our international neighbors, we know that it’s vital to create a classroom environment that feels welcoming and safe. Our students are entering a classroom that mostly or only uses English, is staffed by native speakers, and possibly is even in a church. All of these factors are understandably intimidating for new learners! However, there are some habits and structures you can put in place to quickly make the classroom feel like a safe, welcoming, and comprehensible environment for your students. This summer, as you reflect on this school year and look ahead to the next… Read more: Making a Welcoming Classroom Environment for Your Students


Bringing the Christian faith-based ESL community together

Our mission is to come alongside Christian faith-based English as a Second Language ministries to support them in attaining their ministry and English language teaching goals through resource sharing, consulting, networking, and equipping in evangelism, discipleship, cross cultural communication, ESL, and ministry development and management, and to establish a consortium of ministries, organizations, churches, educational institutions, and individuals in order to bring God glory and advance His kingdom through excellent ESL ministries.

Help a Friend Learn English

Has someone asked you to help teach them English, and you don’t know where to start? We can help!

Starting an ESL Ministry

An ESL ministry can be a great way for your church to show the love of Jesus to your neighbors and people in your community. Learn more…

Strengthen your Ministry

Learning to effectively communicate the gospel & disciple others cross culturally is key to a growing ESL ministry. Read the article series this fall by Dr. Lloyd Mann…