Place setting with napkin on top of plates.

Table Manners

Allowing students to talk about their culture in the classroom is a great opportunity to for them to share a part of themselves with other students and their teachers. It also helps students recognize and respect differences and learn about their host culture. This great activity by Ann Flood in her book English Teacher Training […]

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Cards demonstrating the game. "I have A, who has Q?" "I have Q, who has M?" "I have M, who has B?"

“I Have, Who Has?” Game

A fun activity to help your students practice vocabulary by hearing, speaking and reading the vocabulary words. This is a great way to practice vocabulary and can be used with words or pictures (or both!) on the cards. Areas of Practice: lists of vocabulary (alphabet, months, days, etc.); reading; speaking; listeningSetup: You’ll need to create cards for

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