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Class Rules

As classes start up again this fall, it’s a good time to look at classroom rules and the impact they have on student learning. Every “rule” should be necessary to move us toward our end goal and provide each student with a fun, supportive, healthy learning environment.  Fortunately, for most adult ESL classes rules don’t need …

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Webinar and Networking Event. Caring for Your Program by Caring for Your Volunteers. Amy Mitchell and Anna Hamsun presenters by TESOL Ministry and CELEA Community-based ESL Group. Heart with two hands reaching to help one another

Caring for Your Program by Caring for Your Volunteers

From: July 20, 2023 Presenters: Amy Mitchell and Anna Hannum, Faith International English Classes in Indianapolis Amy Mitchell and Anna Hannum shared a wealth of practical information about working with volunteers that is relevant to any program or ministry. During the Q&A following the presentation, they answered questions that covered more than just the insights about...

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Table Manners

Allowing students to talk about their culture in the classroom is a great opportunity to for them to share a part of themselves with other students and their teachers. It also helps students recognize and respect differences and learn about their host culture. This great activity by Ann Flood in her book English Teacher Training …

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Evaluating Your Community Based ESL Program

Dive into the challenging issue of student retention with Dianne Dow as she explains how evaluating your program's goals and values and understanding your students' needs and culture can improve your program's effectiveness & increase student retention.

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Obstacles to Opportunities

English as a Second Language (ESL) Ministries face a myriad of challenges: quality volunteer acquisition, training and retention, program funding, student participation and growth – to say nothing of lasting spiritual fruit. Often ESL ministry directors start off with little more than a heart for the Lord and their community, a handful of classes, and …

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